Meet Donna Cummings

* I'm the Chief delegator and party planner.
* I love pretty things, people and places, which is why I love to shop, make new friends and travel!
* I'm always up for a party, which is why I LOVE working weddings.
* I have 5 kids, 2 dogs and 1 husband.
* My motto has always been "The more the merrier"
* I don't cook. Im a "go" girl. I love to travel and stay on the go.
* My clients have become some of my closest friends.

Hello Amanda Bray:

Chief Operating Officer and Lead Photographer
* Donna and I shot our first wedding in 2003 while I was still in High School.
* I LOVE meeting and getting to know new people. Come say hi! Let's be friends!
* I've been married for 8 years to Donna's little brother, James. It's a fun story! Basic plot: We weren't dating. I proposed. He said yes. We got married a year later.
* I'm a #boymom! Creed is 4 and Phoenix is 18 months.
* #Jesuslover #thebeachismyhappyplace #hothusband #gymasticsfanatic #TeamRafael

Meet Kaylyn Bergfeld:

* I am an assistant photographer and editor.
* Im a people person. My favorite people are my hubby, Brad and my 2 year old, Welles.
* My in-studio specialty is newborns. I love to learn and try new things.
* I love to hear people tell their stories and I'm always open to share mine.
* Donna met me at Bible Study and hired me. My passion for photography blossomed from there.
* If I could be anywhere, I'd be on a mountain snowboarding.

Hello Amanda Ratliff:

Office Manager
* I am the Office Manager.
* My heart belongs in the Theatre.
* I have a degree in musical theatre.
* I Netflix binge.
* I have a collection of seashells from every beach I've been to.

Jenna Shultz

* I am an assistant photographer and editor.
* Donna told me she wasn't hiring the day she hired me.
* I have lived in 3 different states. Texas is my favorite.
* Being the youngest at the studio, I've taught everyone how to use snap chat. Its now an addiction for Amanda and Donna.
* I love to stay busy and my family is shocked when I go anywhere without my camera




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